Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Peace Will Come" in spit of the Bully Boy

The above captures today's hearings completely. It's one of Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts and credit to Wally for noting it first. When the "strategy" was explained to us in last night's round-robin, you read our reactions. The "big plan" is apparently to plant seeds of doubt and hope that the people will swarm Senators with phone calls, e-mails, letters, faxes and visits.
If you read the New York Times editorial, you got a sense that this is the middle of the road's press' feeling too. (The link for the editorial takes you to Common Dreams, not to the Times. There's no registration required at Common Dreams.)

Thank you, by the way, to Gina and Krista as well as all participants in the roundtable for granting permission to talk about this topic. It was very nice of the two guests to sit in and explain the "strategy." But when you're "strategy" is the same as the tactic that the middle of the road newspaper takes on its own, that's no "strategy." That's not fighting. That's not providing an opposition.

I think it was a gross mistake that will result in Alito being confirmed. If I'm wrong, I'll be thrilled. But before the next elected Democrat sends out a mass e-mail asking for donations to the DNC so that they can "stand up and fight," the party might want to consider demonstrating that they know how to stand up and fight.

C.I. summed up today when the hearings broke for lunch:

So what has today been like? Not as lively as yesterday. "Enough of that. Let me move on." Who said that? Which Democrat? Does it matter? Doesn't that seem like those two sentences summed up much of what's gone on so far today? (Diane Feinstein said it today to Alito, for those who missed it.)

Thank you, by the way, to those e-mailing how displeased they are with Feinstein. If anyone missed it, Rebecca explained yesterday how Feinstien's being "cute" destroyed Ted Kennedy's soundbyte and Kat explained how Feinstein seems intent on playing "The Little Lady of The Senate." Feinstein was a waste. It's not that she couldn't ask a question like an adult (although there is that), it's that she was incapable of doing a follow up and felt the need to "girl" it up. Drag queens haven't felt the need to manufacture false feminity to that degree. For an indepth rundown of each day's key moments (highs and lows) visit Eleanor Smeal's The Smeal Report.

Be sure to check out Mike's site (Mikey Likes It!) for his comments on the hearings and for his comments on the headlines from Democracy Now! Also check out tomorrow's gina & krista round-robin for the wrap up roundtable of the hearings. There will be at least one special guest in the roundtable.

Pressure Builds On Iran Over Nuclear Activities (Democracy Now!):
This news on Iran – Russia, the US, the European Union and China will reportedly hold talks next week on Iran’s resumption of nuclear activities. The Iranian government has removed U.N. seals on its uranium enrichment equipment, sparking an outcry from the United States and Europe. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Iran's move did not violate international law, but may be brought before the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, Western leaders stepped up their rebukes of Iran.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “I don't think there is any point in people or us hiding our deep dismay at what Iran has decided to do and when taken in conjunction with their other comments about the state of Israel they cause real and serious alarm right across the world.” Iran insists it’s removed the seals to resume research activities, and has no plans for uranium enrichment.
Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: "They will regret creating any problems for us. God willing, we will get out of it successfully."
This is disgusting and, sadly, not surprising. Bully Boy needs another war. Two weren't enough for him. How could it be enough when so many people have profitted so hugely from the wars? Sure a huge number of people have died but this is the son of Barbara Bush whose alleged "beautiful mind" couldn't be bothered with war casualities.

So here comes Bully Boy's third war.

C.I.'s spent a lot of time stressing CODEPINK's Stop The Next War Now book. There are two chapters that we both have no interest in (one speaks of Dexter Filkins as a reporter -- favorably speaks of). But there's also a time issue. There's just not enough time to do everything. So I'll try to note one chapter a week and help C.I. complete highlighting the book (minus the two chapters).

Pinochet Stripped of Legal Immunity (Democracy Now!):
In Chile, former military dictator Augusto Pinochet was stripped of his legal immunity Wednesday, clearing the way for him to face charges he murdered political opponents in the 1973 coup that brought him to power. Chilean courts have previously stripped Pinochet’s immunity for other cases, but he has avoided several trials by convincing judges he is medically unfit to stand trial. If the current case proceeds, it would reopen one of the most notorious human rights cases involving Pinochet's dictatorship -- the so-called Caravan of Death, in which 75 jailed dissidents were killed in the weeks immediately after the coup.

That's the news to restore your sense of fairness. Finally, the net is closing on Pinochet. Long overdue. Maybe justice will await the Bully Boy someday? We can hope.

Susan asked me if I could rerun a peace quote she enjoyed because she thinks we need to "restore our sensibilities." Susan's a member of The Common Ills community and someone I've enjoyed sharing e-mails with since at least February.

Peace Quote for 2005 (from a song by Melanie utilized in the editorial at The Third Estate Sunday Review):
Well sometimes when I am feeling so grand
And I become the world
And the world becomes a man
And my song becomes a part of the river
I cry out to keep me just the way I am
According to plan
According to man, according to plan
According to man, according to plan
Oh there's a chance peace will come
In your life, please buy one