1. Hahaha! RT“: Confirmed. The Regional Government new cabinet members.
  2. Why some PUK people insist on accusing Gorran of fraud is beyond me :-D
  3. I am dubious whether to trust regarding the or not..?!!
  4. Dear Kosrat Russul, call your boss immediately to explain how you spent $8 million on your son's parliamentary campaign?
  5. Results of parliamentary elections in Kurdistan Region will be announced tomorrow.
  6. Where can we find out which candidates have been elected ?
  7. & if fails to build a coalition? How would KDP react if other parties can form a coalition without it? KDP in opposition?
  8. Is it true that is under house arrest? Anyone knows what is going on?
  9. Rumors that is under house arrest after dispute with officials over big lost in . Any news if this is right?