So far as I can see, there is absolutely no incentive to come forward. It appears that the Democratic Party and the national media will go out of its way to discredit me as a person and defend Joe Biden, even in the face of two credible allegations of sexual assault. And if so, then (God help us!) my coming forward would only “weaken” the Democratic nominee, helping improve Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected — a scenario which must be avoided for the sake of humanity.
So I guess my question is, do I have to remain silent and vote for a rapist because I live in a swing state?

In Iraq, they are struggling a third time to install a new prime minister.  As Kevin Zeller (MNN) observes, "Iraq has burned through two prime ministers in two months, and the third has the massive task of uniting a fragmented country during a pandemic."    Sami Moubayed (GULF NEWS) offers:

The formation of a new government in Iraq has dragged on for nearly five months now. After two candidates failed to do the job — Mohammad Tawfik Allawi (former communications minister) and Adnan Al Zurfi (ex-Najaf governor), Iraqis seem optimistic that a third candidate, Mustapha Al Kadhimi, will finally succeed.
For starters, Kadhimi, a former director of Iraqi National Security, has managed to receive backing of all major parliamentary blocs, running across Iraq’s ethnic and sectarian spectrum.
Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani thinks fondly of him and so does President Barham Salih. The Kurds like him for his long-time opposition to Saddam Hussein.
Iran and the United States have expressed support for his nomination. Both countries had previously worked with Kadhimi on counterterrorism during his four-year stint at Iraqi intelligence.