Wednesday, November 09, 2005

". . . we have to keep marching together, because there are many more bridges to cross"

First, thank you to everyone for the kind e-mails about yesterday's post. Thank you also to C.I. who basically cross posted my post at The Common Ills this morning. (What was left out? The paragraph with references to C.I. C.I. feels that's "self-referential" -- quoting someone speaking of you.)

Secondly, remember to check out Mike's Mikey Likes It! where he's going to be tackling the second item below and also addressing the online Dylan.

UN Extends U.S.-led Foreign Troop Presence (DemocracyNow!)
In other Iraq news, the UN Security Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the mandate of U.S.-led military forces by one year. There are nearly 180,000 foreign troops currently in Iraq.

On this, I want to note that there's a review in June. That was part of the process to get everyone to vote in favor of the resolution -- an agreement that in June the status would be reviewed. I also want to note that the resolution recognizes the right of the Iraqis to ask the US to led provided that it's done by the Iraqi government. (A puppet government most likely won't ask the US to leave.)

Lott Suspects Fellow Republicans in Prison Disclosure (Democracy Now!)
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports Republican Senator Trent Lott said senators from his own party might be responsible for the leak. Lott said the secret prison facilities were discussed at a Republican luncheon on Capitol Hill -- one day before the [Washington] Post published its report November 2nd. Vice President Cheney was among those in attendance. Lott said : "Information that was said in there, given out in there, did get into the newspaper. I don't know where else it came from…. It looked to me that at least one of those reports came right out of that room."

Mike's got a take on this so check out his site. My take on it carries it down a different road. Trent Lott's saying that the leak must have come out of the Republican luncheon. So what Trent Lott is saying is that the Republicans knew of these secret prisons. To me that says complicity and guilt as they turn against the democratic principles this country is supposed to stand for which does include, yes, innocent until proven guilty.

I was asked in several e-mails if I was still feeling depressed? I'm depressed about what the military did in Falluja and about the mainstream press' cover up of the slaughter. But I'm not in the dark mood I was in last night, no.

Susan asked me which of Stevie Nicks' CDs I put on, Bella Donna or Wild Heart? (And Susan was kind enough to correct me because I called "Bella Donna" "Belladonna" last night. Thank you, Susan.) I listened to both. I'd planned to fall asleep listening but I ended up grabbing the phone and calling C.I. (who was kind enough to listen to me in my depressed state) and both albums played through during our conversation. (Stopping to sing along with Stevie on some songs, such as "Wild Heart.")

Tonight's peace quote comes via Brenda whom I'll also say thank you to for her nice e-mail and for suggesting tonight's peace quote. It's a wonderful choice. It's also the perfect antidote for when you're feeling low like I was last night.

Peace Quote (Kim Gandy, NOW):
. . . we have to keep marching together, because there are many more bridges to cross.