Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stupid Blogger/Blogspot

Stupid Blogger/Blogspot lost my entire my post. Mike had the same problem. I lost when I tried to publish. I called and said, "Save it now." He did, or tried to, and got the same stupid message of "We apologize for the inconvience . . ." blah, blah nonsense that is complete and utter crap. Blogger is full of CRAP.

That's now the second time this week they've screwed me over. They knew this problem existed Monday. Their answer? To address it Wednesday.

I'll try to pull something together (if this even goes up) but I'm sick and tired of this nonsense and there's no excuse for it. This started on Monday. It happened Tuesday afternoon. (Sunny noticed that she couldn't see C.I.'s DN! post and asked me about it. She wasn't the only one. Which is why today C.I. cross posted it at the mirror site.) They've done nothing (as usual) to fix the problem. They're full of crap.