Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"If we do not change our direction . . ."

In an editorial at The Third Estate Sunday Review ("Editorial: Looks Who's Screaming 'Special Rights'"), this was noted:

Elaine and C.I. saw a ridiculous "film" about the "haters" this week. "Haters" try to deny rights, the film argued, they want everyone to believe as they do. Do you know who the haters were? Everyone living in a secular world. (Regardless of their own personal beliefs.) The whole world, according to the film, was out to get evangicals. Talk about a persecution complex.

That was two Sundays ago. This past Sunday (in "NYT: 'Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case' (Eric Lichtblau)"), C.I. noted:

Note on the film mentioned in the editorial above. I have no comment on it other than a friend brought it over as a laugh (it's seeking distribution but finding no takers at present) on the Thanksgiving holiday. That's why Elaine and I ended up watching it. There were a few e-mails wondering about it. I'll pass the interest on Elaine and she can write about it at her site (Like Maria Said Paz) if she wants.

There have been several e-mails on it. We watched it the day after Thanksgiving when a friend of C.I.'s brought over a DVD copy. It was brought over as a joke. I thought it would be interesting (C.I. didn't want to watch it). So we sat down and watched and it was laughable. The plot? The "haters" are destroying the world (but it all took place in America -- "all" was really just a few "sets"). The 'poor put upons' were headed for salvation, provided they continued hating gays and lesbians, opposing women's rights, go down the list. All these groups were "haters." They were forcing the poor 'vangicals (to use C.I.'s term) to embrace their lifestyle because that is their 'goal.' The haters wanted everyone to be gay was a point that was made over and over. The 'logic' was that gays and lesbians can't reproduce so they have to recruit and they were doing some major recruiting.

It was badly acted and had a few F-list celebs that you wouldn't be able to name because they are so forgettable. "I thought he was dead" was something I said about one to which C.I. replied, "No, just his career."

I was laughing at the thing because it truly was created by someone with a persecution complex unless they were just trying to ride some Mel Gibson wave. It's not getting distribution or that was the hunch. It's really poorly lit and poorly acted with everyone saying their lines in a wooden manner. There's an 'explosion' that looks like someone just turned on the light switch.

So that's what the movie was about. Someone's deluded belief (or belief that delusions could be marketed) that the whole country wants to destroy churches and turn everyone into a gay male or lesbian woman preaching respect for all and embracing equality for all races. (There was a subplot about races "mixing" as a result of an interracial marriage. Both died. Apparently for their 'transgression.')

Now let's move on to Democracy Now! and remember to check out Mike's commentaries at Mikey Likes It!

Rice Denies U.S. Engages In Torture (Democracy Now!):
Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice denied Monday that the U.S. is engaging in torture and defended how the Bush administration's waging of the so-called war on terror. Rice's comments came ahead of a trip to Europe where she is expected to be questioned about the existence of secret CIA prisons and about the CIA's practice of kidnapping wanted individuals overseas. Rice did not deny the U.S. has secretly picked up detainees overseas and flying them to other countries but she denied this is being done "for the purpose of being tortured." "The United States does not permit, tolerate, or condone torture under any circumstances. Moreover, in accordance with the policy of this administration, the United States has respected and will continue to respect the sovereignty of other countries," Rice said. "The U.S. does not transport and has not transported detainees from one country to another for the purpose of being tortured. The United States does not use the airspace or the airports of any country for the purpose of transporting a detainee to a country where he or she will be tortured."

Mike and I both felt like C.I. covered all we could say on this with "NYT: 'U.S. Interrogations Are Saving European Lives, Rice Says' (Joel Brinkley)." The only thing I can add to that is that it truly is shocking how in this country skepticism greets every reports from a human rights's group or report from the foreign press (or our own independent press) but Condi just has to move her lips and it's taken as reality.

Iraqi VP Al-Yawer Criticizes State of Iraqi Security Forces (Democracy Now!):
The bombings come just a day after Iraq's Vice President Ghazi al-Yawer publicly disputed comments made last week by President Bush about the improved state of the Iraqi security forces. Al-Yawer said the training of Iraqi security forces has suffered a big "setback" in recent months because the army and other forces have been increasingly used to settle personal and political scores. In addition al-Yawer warned that armed Shiite militias in the south might be trying to incite a civil war in Iraq.

Which follows up on the previous comments. Above you learn reality. From the mainstream, you learn what Bully Boy pushes as reality. Flaps his lips and it's truth and worth noting without questioning. That passes for reporting. I don't think it even qualifies for "minutes" let alone reporting.

Katrina was supposed to have been the big change in the press. It was their wake up call, supposedly. But not much has changed. They're still happy noting statements with the weight of truth even though it's quite obvious that there's no truth to be found in the statements even from the most casual examination. Which brings us to the peace quote. Think about it.

"Peace Quotes" (Peace Center):
If we do not change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed for.
Chinese Proverb