Friday, November 04, 2005

Still blogging

I've never gotten as many e-mails as I did in the last few days. I always take Thursdays off because I have to do a group on Thursday nights and that will last through the beginning of December. I also missed Wednesday this week because I was tired from The World Can't Wait rally. I went to the one in NYC with Rebecca, Mike, Mike's mother and "Fly Boy" (as Mike has dubbed Rebecca's ex-husband). Not having Rebecca's large breasts (trust me, she'll laugh when she reads that), I wasn't able to just pull on a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I wore a medium hell and grew to regret that as the day wore on. My feet were killing me by the time I got back and, though excited by the day, I was also tired and figured the smartest thing would be to just get some sleep. (Rebecca would say, "How very non C.I. of you!")

I'm sorry that people worried. I have e-mails wondering if I'm sick and e-mails wondering if I've stopped blogging. Again, I always take Thursdays off. Wednesday was just a long day and I didn't feel up to blogging. (Seriously, Rebecca can pull off the fresh scrubbed look with her blonde hair and large breasts, but some of us have to really work at it to be presentable.) But Wally didn't blog today and Cedric hasn't blogged since Tuesday and Betty hasn't blogged this week (all of which was pointed out in e-mails). I think everyone was just really busy.

It was also pointed out in e-mails coming in before Friday that Kat hadn't been blogging. I think her review at The Common Ills explained to everyone what had kept her occupied. The review is called "A Time To Dance" and you should read it because who writes about music like Kat?

People were right to assume that if I were sick, I wouldn't be blogging. I don't have C.I.'s dedication and those writing worried that I was sick should write C.I. thanks for blogging while sick. C.I. was really, really sick. But did you catch that Seth blogged Wednesday? None of the e-mails pointed that out. So if you missed it, check Seth. And as I check that link, I see that Seth has already blogged today as well. I think everyone's going to try to blog today. C.I.'s in flight this evening but C.I.'s already got three posts up at The Common Ills (four if you count Kat's great review) so The Common Ills has done their part. (That's not to say there will be no more posts there tonight, just saying if that should happen, C.I.'s already put in a full day.)

That's one of the great things about this community. If I'm not in the mood, there's someone who is. You might have to flip around through the community blogs but there's not a day when one of us isn't blogging. Sundays you have The Third Estate Sunday Review. Everyday you have C.I. at The Common Ills.

Oliver wondered if we were all sick of blogging? We're not. But there is one thing that we are sick of, tags. For a number of reasons. C.I. hates them. Hates them. Including them on the morning entries is a pain in the ass (as I heard today). Why? C.I.'s used to working on two screens and going back and forth, then publishing one right after the other. But including tags means waiting several minutes between publishing or one post won't get read. C.I. also hates the time consuming aspect of tags.

The time consuming part is what everyone's complaining about. I'll add that I am still doing them but wondering why since Technocrati doesn't register my tags. I wrote them about that a week ago and had no reply. I'll continue to do tags for a bit more but if nothing changes within two weeks, I'll stop doing them.

They can be time consuming and if they're not going to be read by Technocarti then I have no reason to continue to use my time adding them to posts.

Consider this post an explanation post. I'll try to grab one more this weekend. But I've had a long week and would probably be already headed out to meet up with some friends if I hadn't missed Wednesday. I did share the concerns in the e-mail with everyone except Seth (I don't have his phone number) and everyone's going to try to post something tonight.

But Betty hasn't been slacking. She's been working and reworking a new chapter. Others have just been busy.

As long as something is posted somewhere in the community, my attitude is, "fine."

Now I'm going to meet up with some friends. I will try to do one more post at some point this weekend since I didn't realize people would be so worried.