Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harry (Reid) and Harrie (Miers) the team from hell

Remember to check Mike because we're doing the same two items and also because I'm furious at the latest news on Harriet Miers.

Iraq Vote Results Questioned After "Unusually High" Returns (Democracy Now!)
Iraq's referendum on a draft constitution is being called into question after the country's electoral commission announced it will audit what it calls "unusually high" voting results. Sunni leaders, who mostly advocated a "no" vote in Saturday's nation-wide poll, have alleged widespread electoral fraud, citing allegations of ballot-stuffing and unlawful absentee voting. The New York Times reports "yes" votes in areas with large Shiite and Kurdish populations - groups known to support the draft - were reported to reach over 99 percent. An official with the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq told the Associated Press voting numbers seemed unusual in areas "all around the country", but it remained too early to draw conclusions. The referendum required a simple majority to be approved into law but can be rejected if two-thirds of the population in at least three provinces vote against it.

As Eunice used to say on The Carol Burnette Show, "Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise." Only it isn't. But Eunice usually wasn't surprised when she said it, so it still works. C.I. made a great point about the New York Times lousy coverage of this today:

Dexter Filkins, reporting from the Green Zone, notes that the allegations of ballot stuffing couldn't be verified and tosses out the suggestion that there was no obvious reason for alleged ballot stuffing:
It is difficult to imagine why any Shiite or Kurdish political leaders would resort to fraud. Together the two groups make up about 80 percent of Iraq's population.
Apparently Filkins thought he was writing an op-ed. That's his statement (and Worth's according to the byline). I didn't know we were asking them their opinions? (But hey, it's not like they can give us first hand observations.)
For the uninformed Filkins (information is apparently in short supply in the Green Zone), here's one obvious reason, you stuff not to win in areas you assume to win, you stuff in those areas to give the impression of many voters (raising the total) thereby making the election appear "legitimate" since the total number rises.
Filkins has apparently not heard of Seymour Hersh's "
GET OUT THE VOTE: Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq’s election?" (apparently they don't get The New Yorker in the Green Zone). Possibly before venturing to offer his opinion, not labeled as such, he might want to bone up on the subject.

Miers: "No One Knows My Views on Abortion" (Democracy Now!)
Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers denied a published report saying two close friends had said she would vote against abortion rights. Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund wrote Monday on the day she was nominated October 3rd, the two friends spoke with the Arlington Group, a coalition of conservative Christian organizations, in a conference call organized by Karl Rove. During the conversation, Fund wrote, the friends assured Arlington members Miers would vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer met with Miers yesterday. After the meeting, he said she told him: "No one knows how I would rule on Roe v. Wade."

Well things aren't as covered now. The Associated Press reported late today:

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers pledged unflagging opposition to abortion as a candidate for the Dallas City Council in 1989, according to documents released Tuesday. She backed a constitutional amendment to ban the procedure in most cases and promised to appear at "pro-life rallies and special events."
Asked in a Texans United for Life questionnaire whether she would support legislation restricting abortions if the Supreme Court allowed it, Miers indicated she would. Her reply was the same when asked, "Will you oppose the use of city funds or facilities" to promote abortions?

So are we going to continue to put up with the hugs and kisses from Harry to Harrie? Why aren't people up in arms that Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, has been providing cover for Harriet Miers from day one? They should be outraged.

They want to take my control over my body away from me, they better be prepared for a damn fight. "They" includes Democrats like Harry Reid. They better start fighting this nomination.
Disgust for Bully Boy alone isn't going to help them at the polls. They better start standing up and fighting. If Harry Reid continues to be weak and ineffectice, he needs to be replaced.

He's so damn busy proving how well he can "get along" and how he can "play nice" that he's putting women's rights at risk.

"Peace Quotes" (Peace Center):
A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
Adlai Stevenson