Saturday, September 10, 2005


We just did the topics for The Third Estate Sunday Review. Think of it as a bull session or a rap session. We're on our first break of the evening and since I didn't have time to do an entry last night, I'm grabbing the time now.

For the record (to be C.I. about it), I did attempt to. But Blogger was down. The notice said it would be down for an hour and, having plans for the evening, I'd be gone by the time it came back up.

Here are two items from Democracy Now!

"First Lady: Remarks Critical of President Are 'Disgusting'" (Democracy Now!)
First Lady Laura Bush has lashed out at hip hop artist Kanye West, Howard Dean and others for criticizing her husband's handling of Hurricane Katrina. Last week West said during a nationally televised telethon "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People." On Wednesday, Dean said "We must ... come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not." Laura Bush said "I think all of those remarks are disgusting, to be perfectly frank, because of course President Bush cares about everyone in our country."

". . . of course President Bush . . ." Are we in Maoist China? The woman's married to him. Even her mother-in-law would say "George" when speaking of her husband. Does she also walk behind him as well? How much propping up does the Bully Boy need?

This is the charm offensive you were warned of. It's failing but here's how it starts. It's all about Bully Boy. They parade out the First Lady to tell us how awful Hurricane Katrina has been . . . to the Bully Boy.

Can someone get the woman her own Gang of Four? She needs it. Does she have no one she can let her hair down with? I'm sure she's got a chili recipe or two that she'd love to share. Certainly there must be some people out there interested in hanging with her.

"Cheney Told "Go F**K Yourself" in Gulfport, MS" (Democracy Now!)
Meanwhile Vice President Dick Cheney visited the Gulf Coast region for the first time since the hurricane struck. He was on vacation most of last week in Wyoming. On Thursday he held a brief televised press conference in Gulfport Mississippi. He hailed the relief effort as "very impressive." During the press conference, one man screamed Go F Yourself Mr. Cheney. Last year Cheney made headlines himself when he approached Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor and said "F Yourself."

File it under "what goes around comes around and then some." Cheney can't hide from the people when he emerges from his bunker. Did he see his shadow? Are we due for a hard winter?

I'll skip the peace quote tonight due to the briefness of this break. I will note that with all the talk of Jack Johnson from Jess and Rebecca, I finally went out and got the CD. C.I. told me my favorite song would be "Never Know" and it is. I could listen to that song over and over. (And just might when The Laura Flanders Show is over.)

Check Mike's site because Friday he was going to address the same two headlines from Democracy Now!